D-DIEM Belfast Workshop: Minutes

Workshop Belfast: 23.4.2019 - 24.4.2019

Agenda, Milestones and future plans


  1. Four PhD students from University of Edinburgh and India Institute of Technology gave presentations on their current research outcomes and future plan: 
  • Yuanda Gao: summarized the literature review and proposed future research plan.
  • Bala Sai Kiran: briefly present the research outcome about battery integration into smart grid, future work plan and potential collaborations between UoE and IITGN.
  • Dahunsi Okekunle: introduced and summarized the research outcome with OpenPMU.
  • Mehdi Zeinali: summarized the research progress on communication techniques.

      2. Smart grid test rig: Dr. Aristides Kiprakis and Dahunsi introduced the detail of OpenPMU. Discussion about the application and future potential research topic about OpenPMU was agreed.

      3. Bala and Yuanda’s next research plan is discussed, includes:

  • Yuanda will pick up Dahunsi’s work on application of OpenPMU and continue his own research on distribution network optimization.
  • Bala will continue his work on developing a bidding strategy for BESS aggregator to participate in a distribution network bidding. Moreover, Bala’s 1-year PhD proposal in studying in UoE was discussed.

4. Invited IEEE transactions paper: The conference paper presented at UPCON’18 was selected for submission to the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Applications. The work should be done before publishing the paper was discussed.



  1. Smart grid test rig is introduced: the development and application of OpenPMU is planned.
  2. Regular skype meeting is planned.
  3. Collaborations are agreed:
  • Mehdi will contribute to the communication layer construction.
  • Dahunsi and Yuanda will work together on OpenPMU.


Future plans

  1. Next India meeting will be held in IIT Kanpur (9-10 December).
  2. Next UK workshop will be held in September.
  3. Regular skype meeting is planned, at 10 am (UK time), all members including PhD students will be involved.
  4. New publish on IEEE transaction is planned (deadline: 4/oct/2019).
D-DIEM Belfast Workshop: Presentation
D-DIEM Belfast Workshop: Presentation
D-DIEM Belfast Workshop: Discussion
D-DIEM Belfast Workshop: Discussion